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Are you feeling the pressure to support your employees with their wellbeing?

Would you like someone to lighten the load?

deliver email wellbeing surveys to each employee using WRAW analytics.analyse the results and report back with key pressure points and areas for development to encourage a culture of healthy high performance and psychological safety.match you with providers to train your leaders, hold employee workshops, experiences and coaching, based on your specific needs.offer you on-going monthly support as your friendly, outsourced wellbeing department (including drop-in sessions for employees).
Investing in wellbeing at work has at least a 4:1 ROI (Deloitte) as a result of lowered sickness absence, turnover and work-related stress, saving you £££!

So what is WRAW?

How do you 'measure' wellbeing?

We use a psychometric tool called WRAW, which stands for 'workplace resilience and wellbeing'.

WRAW helps to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience and gives organisations rich data that can be used to support their workforce more effectively and engender a culture of healthy high performance.

The data provides a holistic view, covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing. The 5 Pillars of Resilience is a robust model used by hundreds of leading organisations across the UK and globally.

Resilient Thoughts = Resilient Actions

  • 50% of the workforce report they have little or no access to wellbeing support (CIPD, 2021)

  • When individuals are recognised, supported and celebrated they are empowered to take ownership of their own wellbeing and resilience, which in turn raises productivity, morale and loyalty (Mayo, 1929)


Emily founded The Joy Dept. after experiencing a lack of support at work in relation to her wellbeing and mental ill health.

Her mission; To support employers to be more inclusive and empower and enable their employees to better look after themselves.

She has dedicated much of her life to helping people and researching what drives, motivates and blocks people from becoming their best selves.

As an accredited wellbeing coach, licensed WRAW Practitioner, mental health advocate, with lived experience and a background in HR (CIPD), Information Advice and Guidance, Mentoring and more, Emily offers a friendly face as your go-to wellbeing expert.

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Performance Concerns
Return To Work
Exit Interviews
Promotions/Role Changes
Benchmarking Exercises
Forward Planning
Personal Development
Wellbeing Planning
Reward and Recognition
Learning and Development

''With all it's sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.''
Max Ehrmann - Desiderata

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'The positive nature of the input and the encouragement and empowerment I feel as a result of this coaching alongside the truly bespoke way support has been tailored to my requirements has helped me to make great progress in a short space of time. Emily’s professional acumen and knowledge of a whole host of related subjects is exceptional.'

'More people in (a redundancy) situation should/would really benefit from this support. It provides a fantastic bridge between feeling I had nothing and realising I’ve actually got plenty to offer another employer.'

'Emily got to the heart of the matter very quickly and offered clear solutions. Brilliant.'

'Emily Alexander was very effective as a coach, both in terms of revisiting wellbeing techniques and providing some very insightful tips for CVs/interviews. I would highly recommend for people wishing to gain wellbeing assistance and/or job-hunting advice. The service offers a combination of emotional and practical assistance which could serve a wide range of situations.'

'I found Emily´s approach was friendly and relaxed and practically helpful. It was useful for me to discuss current issues and problems with someone who is not personally and emotionally involved, and so was able to take an impartial and independent view of the situation.'

'It was so helpful to be able to talk about a lot of the things I’d been going round in circles thinking about, it really helped me clarify what I need to focus on.'

'Emily is a person who is incredibly professional with high levels of emotional intelligence and personal accountability. She is trustworthy and caring and will be able to help anyone with supporting them in their small business endeavours. Highly recommended! Thanks Emily for all that you do for me; it’s a pleasure to work with you.'

'Emily is a delight to work with, she lives and breathes the brands she works for! She is passionate and just an amazing person to help your business. She is such a positive person and a real asset. I can not recommend her highly enough! She will be as much of an asset to you as she is to me!'